Location Sound Mixer | Post Production Specialist

Location Sound Recording

My quick feet, hard working mentality, and audio know-how is sure to make your location sound professional and seamless.

I am currently equipped with a top notch location sound kit fit for small productions, including boom microphones and lavaliere microphones. For larger productions, gear can be rented to accommodate any amount of actors. You can see the whole list of production audio gear on my Gear List Page

Audio Post Production

I can handle many ranges of audio post production in the Raleigh, NC area, including:

  • music mixing
  • music editing
  • video post sound
  • dialogue editing
Music Production

I can handle many technical and creative aspects of music production. I have capable home project studio for smaller projects, or can rent time in a larger studio for more expansive productions.

Regarding recording, my knowledge of microphones and room acoustics allow me to get good recordings, creating less headaches during the mixing stage. Also, my 19+ years experience as a musician can be useful for session guitar work, or to compose/arrange jingles and instrumentals. Check out some of my music work at my portfolio page.