Closet Case Movie Promo Video

The first day of shooting for the Closet Case movie took place at the WS Pride Festival in downtown Winston-Salem.  The day involved the shooting of several scenes including one scene shot while marching in the actual parade on 4th street.  It was definitely a difficult shoot for audio because of the amount of wild noise present from the live music and crowd chatter.

While there, I also recorded interview dialogue for a series of interviews that are feature above in the promo video for Closet Case.  I recorded the audio using lavalier microphones into my Sound Devices 633 field mixer.  I chose lavalier mics over shotgun mics in this case because of the amount of back to back to interviews and time contraints.  It was easier to just mic each actor and worry more about the consistant sound quality than hold a boom microphone.  For the interviews we were able to get far enough away from the festival to ensure adequate dialogue separation, even with an omni directional microphone.

As you can see above, the video turned out very well.  I sincerely hope they are able to raise the money needed to complete this project.  You can check out more information about the movie at the Official Closet Case Movie site or on the Facebook Page.