Lyrics in Life – Memorial Day Edition

For this video, I was the sole on-set audio guy, capturing all of the dialogue, location fx, and ambience.  Most of the dialog was captured using the Sennheiser MKH-416, a trusty workhorse microphone that gets a great sound in outdoor environments.   Fill-ins were used from a Sennheiser wireless lavalier setup.

I also was tasked with all most production editing and music composition.  The dialogue editing was straight forward, dropping in the ambience and balancing everything so that the dialogue clips were seamless, with no interruptions.  There were some unwanted background sounds from the environment(cars, lawnmowers, etc) that needed to be masked or faded so as not to distract the viewer.  I also had to add in some sound effects, including the flicking of the lighter sound and some of the food/plate sounds on the initial scene.

The first composition was based off of the traditional military funeral piece, “Taps.”  Because the dialogue for the scene was based around the lyrics for the Gavin Degraw Song – “Soldier,” my closing piece used a different inversion of the piano chords from the song, with support from the Trumpet and Snare Drum.   I chose not to include music in the section with the dialogue because I felt the performance from the actors was more than sufficient to carry the mood.

All-in-all it was a joy to work on this production.  Big thanks to Anthony Williams and Second Glance Productions for the opportunity.