NC Fresh Catch Concert & Fish Fry

This gig was an all day fish fry and concert at the Pittsboro Fairgrounds in Pittsboro, NC for NC Fresh Catch.  Geo & I were in charge of setting up for and mixing all of the bands playing on the outside stage, 4 bands in Total.  The headliner was the always great Grand Shell Game.  We used our typical small concert setup consisting of:

  • QSC Mains and Subs,
  • Studiolive 24 channel mixing console
  • Peavey and Yamaha Stage Monitors,
  • Crown Power Amplifiers,
  • Audix, Shure, and Sennheiser microphones

We were forced to orient the bands in an unusual position on the side of the stage due to the layout of the fairgrounds and the event.  This, combined with the hilly nature of the terrain, created issues with monitor and FOH mixing placement.  All and all things turned out well.  The sound was good, although I was forced to mix almost entirely in mono because the main speakers were slightly uneven and had to be aimed in less than ideal directions.  The concert was a good exercise in problem-solving to get a good sound even under less than ideal circumstances, which is the case in many of these outdoor gigs in venues that are set up for sound.