Social Problems of Modern American Youth 101

“Social Problems of Modern American Youth 101” is a short film about a college guy that tries to win over the girl of his dreams by partnering with the bad man on campus to sell pills. It was shot over a few weekends on various college campuses across  the Triangle, NC area.  The director/producer was W. Jarvis Rooker.  Most of the work on the film was done by students, with some up and coming actors brought on as well.

For this short film, I recorded most of the dialog on location using at Sound Devices 302 Field Mixer.  For the outdoor shots I used a Sennheiser MKH-416 mic and Tram Lavaliers.  For the indoor shots, most of the recording was done using a Sennheise MKH-50 Hypercardiod Microphone.  All of the post production editing/mixing was done using Pro-Tools 11 and plugins.